Friday, May 31, 2019

Frank Bird Linderman and his books

Salvete Omnes,
another short entry this morning - the last day of May 2019AD, Old Good Time flies fast. or even faster ...
so the hero of today was not a painter or famous horseman but a story teller - Frank Bird Linderman was a very prolific Western (in terms of the American West, especially Montana and ) writer and story teller - who "'[..] Doer before he was a Teller." Mr Frank was especially important in preserving the legends and lore of the Upper Missouri tribal peoples, and as a state politician vociferously advocating on behalf of the tribal people.
Among his many books he wrote, upon long interviews and conversations with his protagonist,  the sort of auto-biography of the famous Absaroka or Crow headman Plenty Coups.

He was a friends of Charles Marion Russell (there is a book of recollections about Charley by Linderman)
here a photo of Linderman with Charley Russell and Chief Big Rock/Rocky Boy of the Montana Chippewa, the Montana reservation created by the federal government thanks to the cooperation and work of these three men (from this article)

who  illustrated Linderman's Indian stories
ex emplum:

Linderman published a volume of poetry titled Bunch-Grass and Blue-Joint- the front page has this cowpuncher drawing

and please find enclosed this little poetic page sample

His works are available on - so read away - eg, Recollections of Charley Russell cna be borrowed from the Archive.
you can also listen to his  Indian Why Stories on LibriVox.


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