Sunday, July 22, 2018

Radek Szleszynski's newest Old Polish horse tack

Salvete Omnes,

last week our great historic tack maker Radek Szleszynski finished a complete set of horse harness based on an example held in the Polish Army Museum at Warsaw, and according to the art historians the original belonged to the Sapieha family clan.
Radek made it for his own winged hussar outfit and it will be worn by a horse ridden this August 15 during Army  Historic  Parade in Warsaw.
The leather material used in this project was goat and jucht (Russian leather aka bark-tanned cow hide)  leather. Goat skin was vegetable-tanned and dyed to malachite color. Leather parts were sewn together with the waxed linen thread.
The entire metal elements of this harness are brass that were cast via lost-wax casting, molded via Astragal (beaded molding) method and cut to finish.








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