Thursday, July 19, 2018

Jacek Perzynski's Zishe Breitbart

Salvete Omnes,
this post is not about horses or riders, definitely about a strongman from Poland whose life and performance (including his costume) gave raise to the idea of Superman - Zygmunt Zishe Breitbart son of a blacksmith from Strykow, Lodz voivodeship in Polish Republic. From Strykow also comes another heroic figure in Polish history -  Adam Piotr Mierosławski - whose personality and life exploits might have prompted Jules Verne to develop his  famous character  Captain Nemo however under the demand from his publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel he changed Nemo into a Hindu prince (The Mysterious Island), not accidentally Jacek also wrote a book about Mieroslawski in 2016.
My fellow Glowno-man (Glowno - our hometown in Polish Republic) journalist, local historian and writer Jacek Perzynski wrote a book about the life of Zygmunt Zishe Breitbart, and his excellent investigative study has been translated into English by Vincent Rospond and published in the US by Winged Hussar Publishing LLC from New Jersey.

 Why am I mentioning this book?
Well, because I played a part in the release of this work in English language, Namely, upon reading Jacek Perzynski's original (here a short article by Jacek - in Polish) I had connected the author and the publisher and the rest is history. It is the first book written by a modern Polish writer that Winged Hussar Publishing has published and I do hope there will be many more - eg there is one scheduled for October, written by dr Marek Wozniak from Warsaw University on the per-Islamic Persian armies.
Jacek Perzynski is working on a new project related to the history and extraordinary traditions of the Mongol and Tatar medieval settlers from a village of Makolice, near Bielawy, Lodze voivodeship.
I hope to read the printed version very soon.

Jacek is the author of the authorized biography of the one of the most famous Polish 'futbol' (soccer) players Wlodziemierz Smolarek.  He has written a series of books on the secrets of the city of Lodz. Article in the Lowiczanin about his Lodz project (in Polish)

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