Saturday, July 28, 2018

Canicular days continued

Melisande Psalter

Salvete Omnes,
it is the hot days of the year, lovely blues skies and harvest time traditionally in the Northern Hemisphere.
milking a cow

medieval life
medieval water mill and fishing - nota bene an article on Roman stone watermill

Author Helen Schrader wrote another excellent article on her blog - on the the particularly of the rural Frankish settlement in the Crusader states, according to the newest research and archaeology - mostly via Ronnie Ellenblum's research  - also about the  prevalence of Christian settlements and population in the Holy Land during the medieval period.
Here, an article on building a church in Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.
Article on the Norman settlement in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem before 1133AD.
Simon Dorso has this article on sugar growing and in general on various aspects of the life of the rural settlers of Latin East.

council of Acra

Council of Jerusalem

My friend Krzysztof Laszkiewicz had the official presentation of his new book at the Manufaktura in Lodz.
They blew up my small drawing of King Jagiello and his courtiers onto the wall, as you can see in this picture
Krzysztof & wife Katarzyna at Manufaktura, Lodz

Arne Koets, Peter Spatling et al. did an experiment - shooting crossbow bolts at a reconstructed chain-of-mail shirt with a reconstructed medieval 200lbs crossbow - watch the video and marvel at the protective qualities of the medieval chain-of-mail.


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