Sunday, July 1, 2018

Winged Hussar armor - a replica

Radek & Radek - Warsaw 2017

Salvete Omnes,
my friend and compatriot imc pan Radek Szleszynski (on Wiki there is his photo in full regalia of a winged hussar), co-author of the famous and unique art book Husaria Rzeczpospolitej, has announced a new winged hussar armor for himself, made by the Olsztyn-based armorer Sergey August.
Katerina Zhuravieva @copyright
Katerian Zhuravieva @copyright

Radek is himself a very talented artist (also a photographer) who works in leather, textiles, metal and semi-precious stones, and has been famously  reconstructing winged hussar horse tack, especially bridles etc, and pistol holsters of the XVII century period.

Radek Sikora @copyright

the armor reconstructed by Sergey August is a replica of the extant armor from the Skokloster Castle in Sweden,
original armor from Skokloster
The collection is part of the loot brought from Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth by Carl Gustaf Wrangel after the Deluge (1655-1660)



I do hope  that in this armor and in a painstakingly reconstructed horse tack (Radek's own) and saddle (made by Marcin Ruda and owned by Radoslaw Sikora, Ph.D. ) Radek will be leading the winged Hussars during the 2018 Parade in Warsaw on August 15, 2018. Note that I do not know at this time which horse Radek will be riding.
 all photos copyright Radoslaw Szleszynski unless noted

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