Monday, August 6, 2018

Polish Guard Lancers 1806-1815, G. Lubomski et WHP

Salvete omnes,
I am very happy to announce that another of book projects that I have participated in is coming to fruition (via Simon and Shuster website) -
namely pan George Lubomski, veteran reenactor from UK and presently a colonel of the reenacted Polish Guard Lancers, has written and Winged Hussar Publishing LLC will publish the most comprehensive book on the famous regiment ever written in English. page -  tentatively circa 25th of September 2018.
My friend from Szczecin - Krzysztof Komaniecki, artist including comics and historical illustration), writer (among other things working on a Polish Lancers et al book for WHP), reenactor et al. - and his figurines:  unfinished four Polish Lancers of the Guard

Komaniecki's 1st lancers of the Guard
WHP will publish dr Marek Wozniak's book (originally published by Infort Editions in Polish some years back) on the pre-Islamic Persian Armies in November - I will write about this more in due time

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