Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sigismund III & winged hussars - by Tommaso Dolabella

Salvete Omnes,
yesterday I linked a photo album from PAU, today I found out that there is another version of this album from Polona (both part of Polish digital libraries or  FBC).
Looking at both scans I noticed I omitted 3 figures on the left of the royal eagle.
the two winged hussars on top appear to have wings, they are carrying kopia or winged hussar lances

His Royal Majesty Sigismund III, grandson of Sigismund I Jagiellon. The first Sigismund lost the city of Smolensk, and a 100 years later his grandson recovered it. He was a good king, just too bad he did not annex the bastardly Ducal Prussia, the sum of Polish sorrows in centuries to come.
glorious Sigismund III is riding in a Polish costume,  equipped as a winged hussar with a koncerz or tuck/estoq and hussar sabre, also his saddle appear to have been in winged hussar style 

winged hussars

a rider with wings and two other riders, also a Polish infantry soldier

Two officer wearing shishaq helmets, carrying a mace

nota bene for the first time I had seen this print in a publication titled Lisowczycy (The Lisowski Cossacks) by Henryk Wisner (by Bellona Publishing House) many years ago, then in a book on the Polish early modern equestrian portrait from 1986 edition  . Never in this detail

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