Saturday, July 8, 2017

Winged Hussars and POTUS & US Cavalry

Salvete omnes,
US President Donald Trump came to Warsaw, capital of Polish Republic, last Wednesday (5th of July), and on the 6th of July he delivered the historic speech in front of the thousands of cheering people from around the country, having behind him the Warsaw Uprising Monument (Krasiński Square), with the Krasiński Palace giving the Baroque opulence to it all. You can also watch this speech here.. and also read the transcript ( the National Review's look at the speech and reactions to it). As Polish-American I truly thank Mr. Trump for this speech.

Winged hussars, small poczty or 'lances' from 4 reenactment companies in Poland, also came to Warsaw, in order to establish a camp and then to display the ancient and moder feats of horsemanship and military skill and decorum, and to deliver mock charges for the thousands of folks who gathered in this field to enjoy  the Ministry of Defense festivities set up at the National Stadium - located in Praga (borough of Warsaw).
Radoslaw Szleszynski winged hussar companion tent

Copyright @ Zelazny Jan - Pasja Fotografowania

I was there and here are some of the photos from the Hussaria camp.
I came with Radoslaw Szleszynski & dr Radoslaw Sikora, and my son & sister, we had a jolly good time, showing the camp and explaining the history of the winged hussars to many a visitor until the late evening.
inside of the tent vsible, with dr Radoslaw Sikora presiding - :)

As you can see some of the visitors were the American soldiers from the US Army, 2nd Cavalry, doing their rotation in the Mazury lake district in Poland.

mounting the winged hussar Pawel Moczkowski's tall, over 170cm at withers, gelding - wielkopolski

with the Gniew Castle castellan, husaria hetman and world famous jouster imc Pan Jaroslaw  Struczynski


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video from July 6, 2017 - Choragiew Ziemi Chelminskiej

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