Monday, July 10, 2017

Passages d'outremer & Experimental Lance Technique

Salvete omnes,

the article by dr Tobias Capwell on the late medieval couched lance technique and experiments done by the reenactors using such technique.

 Also, the great French digital library provided us with a scan of the entire manuscript titled Passages faiz oultre mer par les François contre les Turcqs et autres Sarrazins et Mores oultre marins (short title Passages d'outremer and can be bought in a modern edition from Taschen), written by Mamerot and with the illuminations that were  painted by Jean Colombe  during AD 1472-75. These paintings, painted for Louis de Laval, are extraordinary and just beautiful - using the library is easy and illusminations can be enlarged and downloaded for your use and enjoyment.

Italian XIX century painter Ludovico Marchetti's painting - Before the trounament



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