Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sebastian Sobieski by Ivo Preda

      I love historical miniature figure sculpture, sculpting and painting, and for years I have been vising various shows in the US to see master modelers in action and their art on display - Planet figure is the best platform for all about the miniature figurine world.

     Recent international show in Chicago, the World Expo, saw among many fine sculptures and dioramas this fabulous  mounted figurine by the one of the preeminent master modelers in the world maestro Ivo Preda.

     Upon seeing the photos of this piece I had asked maestro Preda whether I could show them on blog to which he gracefully consented.

       so, below find photos of this very piece -  of starost and Crown Standard-Bearer Sebastian Sobieski, Janina Coat of arms

based on the above Stockholm Roll depiction of this vexillifer regni (chorąży koronny) painted circa 1605.
   Pan Sebastian was the younger brother of our famous warrior, voivode, and also a vexillifer regni pan Marek, who was the grandfather of our king Jan III Sobieski, the Lion of Lechistan. (see Paprocki and Niesiecki for Marek Sobieski deeds of arms)

First, the work in progress

finished figurine

all photos of the figurine copyright @ maestro Ivo Preda