Monday, August 8, 2016

XXII Festiwal Słowian i Wikingów na wyspie Wolin

Salvete omnes,
finally yesterday I went to the 22nd Slavs and Vikings Festival in the island of Wolin or XXII Festiwal Słowian i Wikingów na wyspie Wolin .
It rained a lot Saturday so I went Sunday, the last day of the festival.
I did not take photos, but for these few - as there were no horses to speak of, just some master craftsmen and one saddlemaker - I will write about his work I saw in the future post.

Finally met with some people I have corresponded and stayed in contanct over the net - like Barosz 'Liggy' Ligocki (a reenactor, horse archery & ... practicing dentist), Elżebieta Cherezińska (one of the foremost Polish historical fiction writers and reenactor - just bought her book Harda for my wife :) - about the Piast princes and queen of Scandinavia named Sygryda Storråda, Świętosława, Saum–Aesa )

and Igor Górewicz (the principal leader of the festival and also an author,  historian and publisher - I bought from them a book on the horses in the Slavic and Scandinavian beliefs and mythology - 'Wierzchowce Bogów, Motyw konia w wierzeniach Słowian i Skandynawów' - review in Polish)

There are many pages on facebook, with plenty of photos eg this one,  also this page.
videos on youtube - (with time I am sure there will be more videos and images)
an overview of the festival
boats race  
first day battle
 music band Percival playing in the background of the first video, but there were different bands and musicians there too 
finally, there were many hundreds or perhaps thousands of tourists and visitors to the festival on Sunday, and the sun shined :)


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