Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jan III Sobieski - Happy Birthday

Zamek w Olesku - Olesko Castle

Janina coat of arms inside the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth coat of arms

today is yet another anniversary, for on this day but in 1629AD future king of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was born at the castle of Olesko, present day Ukraine (I went there a month ago, what a trip it was).
Jan was born to Teofila Sobieska de domo Daniłowicz and Jakub Sobieski, Janina coat of arms.
Jakub Sobieski

Teofila Sobieska
Sas, Topór, Herburt and Korczak coats of arms in Olesko castle main gate

By Stalin's whim this very important, historically and emotionally, Polish territory lays outside of the present-day Polish Republic.

Past weekend I went to the Wilanow Palace Museum and did a bit of exploring of this former residence of Jan Sobieski and his family..
Jan Tricius' portrait of our King

 I am afraid I have to admit that the exposition is disappointing in many ways. Most especially the interior is poorly lit, and many of the fine canvasses are hung in near darkness that prohibit any study of the paintings. The paintings and prints/engravings are not named in any way or fashion, so unless one has the knowledge of the period art and patience to search the Net (or bought the services of a tourguide or an audioguide), the viewing will be difficult to enjoy and without any context.

The Museum is not presented as the sanctuary of the Lion of Lechistan - I love the name our foes and friends from Ottoman Turkey gave Poland and our king - but as a magnate residence, with much emphasis on the David's painting of Stanislaw Kostka Potocki and interior decorations done during the centuries after our beloved king. I must say that the Olesko Castle in much more interesting to see if you are a Sobieski-phile - :)

And yet the park, an integral part of this museum complex,  is lovely and worth the visit, especially during the warm months of the year. The museum's website is much more Sobieski oriented than the actual palace complex exhibits etc.


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