Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wilanow Museum - saddles, bridle, and a cavalry drum

Salvete omnes,
when I went to the Polish Army parade in Warsaw I took the opportunity to visit several museums in the capital of Poland.
I wrote about my trip to the Wilanow Palace Museum already, but today i would like to share with you several pictures, taken with my phone - sorry for the poor quality, of historic saddles displayed there.
First saddle was displayed with a bridle with a curb-bit and textile reins (wrapped around the saddle's pommel).

second saddle

also a Polish cavalry drum

all presumably late XVII -first half of XVIII centuries - the textiles displayed with the saddles are most likely of the Ottoman Turkish manufacture. The saddles also show Turkish influence on the Polish horse tack. Both saddles are incomplete - without seat pillows, stirrups, cinches and matching bridles, breastplates and croupers. 


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