Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wilanow Museum park - reenactors' corner

there is a large park around the Wilanow Palace and it can be visited separately from the palace - it is quite nice and worthwhile if the weather is nice.
Right after the entrance to the park there was a small camp set up with wagons, tents and displays of various artifacts of the period -presumably XVII century and early XVIII century.
Then there was the reenactors' camp.
I took some pictures and had a nice chat with the manager of this site, himself an archaeologist from Warsaw.
Medical wagon

Blacksmith wagon

one of the tents

a saddle

worth noting is the fact of this display being in existence at this quite respectable and world famous institution of arts and research.
Simply put, the Wilanow Museum is one of the few museums in Poland that are friendly towards the 'lowly' reenactors.


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Oboz wilanowski w 2015 - via histmag