Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some interesting video links

just some videos to share with you all 
 Mr. Sheperd Paine, passed away in August 2015, was a great master of historical miniature art - and there is this nice tribute to His art available on youtube for all to see and enjoy.
Keep in mind that:
 'In that spirit and per his[Sheperd Paine]  wishes, the MMSI has established the Shep Paine Education Fund, which is accepting tax-deductible donations in his honor to continue his invaluable work as an educator and proselytizer for the art of miniatures via classes, seminars, and other projects. Contributions to this dedicated fund can be made via PayPal at or by mail to The Shep Paine Education Fund care of MMSI Treasurer Tom Surlak, 3136 Secretariat Dr., Aurora, IL 60602.'

Several outstanding horsearchers from Polskie Stowarzyszenie Lucznictwa Konnego ( Matuesz Gieryn et Michał Sanczenko, Michał Szubski i Michał Tomaszewski ) and stuntmen from Poland took part in the Bollywood production titled Mirzya - teaser trailer here
this the interview with them (in Polish) - they rode Kathiawari horses in the film - filmed at more than 3000meters above sea levels altitude,  (differences between Kathiawari and Marwari horses in this article)
From M. Horace Hayes - Points of Horse (circa 1893):

Caveat! if you watch the second video provided on the page in this link, then you could see the world's best horsearcher Anna Sokólska in action :) (her saddle seen in the video was made by Mr. Plachecki - link to his shop )


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in the theme of links - an interesting article on the Hatrene statues

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a vintage film on sculpting dinos

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meantime - Anakonda in Poland