Saturday, June 18, 2022

New Title from Osprey - Medieval Indian Armies (1)

 Salvete Omnes,


a week ago I noticed, Osprey Publishing site, a new title - Medieval Indian Armies (1) - addressing the armies of the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain states from circa 500AD through 1500AD.
The book was written by David Nicolle and illustrated with plates by Graham Turner

It appears that there will be another volume showing Muslim and other armies of the same period in the greater India area (today's Pakistan, India,  Afghanistan, and Bangladesh etc).


I welcome such work with open arms and fully intend to read it, and probably would like to see volume II of this series.  


Meantime - you can explore the wonderful, sensual, flamboyant art of the the Hoysala Empire - eg  Wiki Commons site.

meantime enjoy the warm weather as we are getting very close to the dog days of the summer.

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