Sunday, June 5, 2022

Cirit - Jereed

 Salvete Omnes,

let us gallop with a javelin in hand - Turkish-Persian style.

 First, a note on Cirit aka Jereed from XIX century -
'Jereed is a short lance, having a blunted head, when used in sport, but sharpened for warlike purpose; it is one of the most favorite amusements, both in Persia and Turkey. A good description of exercise will be found in Mr Morrier's 'Ayesha.''

Next, from a traveling-spying book by  a British journalist/useful observer - Richard Robert Madden

Travels in Turkey , Egypt, Nubia and Palestine: 1824, 1825,1826, and 1827.    - this is his depiction: 

and to illustrate this 1820s description a painting by Luigi Acquarone after Antoine Ignace Melling -



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