Sunday, June 19, 2022

Ludwik Gędłek pinxit

 Salvete Omnes,

'Cracovians' aka 'Krakusi' crossing a river - MN


today a little excursion into the XIX century world of Ludwik Gędłek (Ludwik Gedlek, German - Ludwig Gedlek), Polish genre painter of the Poland's Partition period, who upon finish his studies under prof. Władysław Łuszczkiewicz at the Cracow Academy of Arts went on to study and practice & prosper at the imperial (Austro-Hungarian)  Vienna. Some English-language sites call pan Ludwik a German painter, which is a pure ignorance pf the Central-European history :) in the Anglo-American style.
Definitely we can see & observe that master Ludwik Gedlek painted in his unique style - drawing from the historic and contemporary scenes, showing East-Central European landscapes.

On Agra-Art site there is a substantial gallery of Geldek's works -  below the artwork collected from Wiki Commons


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