Sunday, June 12, 2022

Aleksander Lesser - drawings of East-Central European arms and armor

 Salvete Omnes,


a short entry -  various drawings by a Jewish-Polish painter and draughtsman Aleksander Lesser , pre-Jan Matejko historical painter, among others he was a student of the German Nazarene movement artists like Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld et al. 

These drawings represent pan Aleksander's research within the  various arms and armor collections in Europe of his age. As he was a Polish historian-artist and researcher - they represent mostly items related to the  Polish-Lithuanian and Hungarian history of the early modern period. Karacena, chain-mail and bechter (mail and plate armor) armor, shishak style helmets, swords and even a winged hussar kopia.
a bechter

a karacena armor suit

Jan III Sobieski karacena armor

 bechter cuirass

a karacena armor suite

a szabla/sabre and a palasch

a pallasch

a koncerz

a kopia hussarska, hussar lance, hussar lance pennon

Pan Lesser studied old paintings eg - his sketches

you can explore these and other drawings and paintings via Polish National  Museum digital platform - Aleksander Lesser.


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