Thursday, October 1, 2020

John Astley - Art of Riding 1584AD

 Salvete Omnes,
first day of October, uff, time flies, doesn't it?
I have for you all a very interesting  book - linked below - one of the first English treatises on horsemanship.

Namely, Sir John Astley, a Tudor courier and gentleman, wrote a book on horsemanship where ideas of the Italian (Grisone & Corte) and ancient Greek (Xenophon) horsemanship ideas had been combined (or so they say, I have not read it yer, just perusing).


here, on the world library  you may find the entire scan of his opus magnum
The Art of Riding, set foorth in a breefe treatise, with a due interpretation of certeine places alleged out of Xenophon, and Gryson, verie expert and excellent horsemen et al. (1584).



since this is the Ink October starting tomorrow I may start doing a drawing a day. It may be lots of fun and quite a challenge.  how about you?

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