Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design vol. 3 from WHP & Triglav

Salvete Omnes,
Winged Hussar Publishing LLC in cooperation with Triglav from Szczecin, Poland, publish the 3rd volume of the Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design - fantastic reference material and study of the designs obtained from archaeological artefacts and iconographic materials, collected during research trips to museums and sites ranging from Ireland to the eastern Slavic lands of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.
Written by Igor Gorewicz,
 here at the 2018 Wolin Slav and Viking Festival

and illustrated by Marek Piłaszewicz, it is a treasure of imagery from the Viking and Pagan Slav period - be it for a reenactor costumes and equipment, tattoo idea or drawing exercise etc.
there are some sample pages kindly provided by the publishers

 Slavic horseman reconstructed - Wolin Festival 2019

photos from the various Wolin S&V Festival taken from Wiki Commons - here-
nota bene Slavic music bands at the festival- eg Javaryna & Dziwoludy.


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