Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Army of the Crimean Khanate - libre

Salvete Omnes,
another short post in this full of history month of September:
 I am sharing this link to a work on the Crimean Tatars army during the Khanate period XV-XVIII centuries. (from the creation of the Khanate to the Russian conquest).
The book has been written by Amet-khan  Azizovich Sheihoomerov, published in Kazan in 2019 and is competency free/libre to download.
Full title is as follows - The Army of the Crimean Khanate: Organization and Tactics (XV-XVIII centuries).
..and several images,  from wiki commons,  of the Crimean Tatars to 'enrich' this short post.





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James Fisher said...

A great tip, thank you.
Regards, James