Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Benjamin Marshall & blood horses

Salvete Omnes,

it is the beginning of our new month of August, sort of a dead center of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere.
I have been looking at the British painters of the past, since I always seek the equestrian art and artists, looking at their ways of showing horses and their world.

One of these old artists to definitely look at is Benjamin Marshall (1768-1835) - there is a gallery in the Wiki Commons, so no trouble to seek out this master of equestrian art - who came after the great Subbs. so I am adding here several of his horse painting and prints, just to kick off the new month, and to enjoy some great equestrian art -


since I like to read historical fiction I have just discovered this writer  - Zoe Saaida - she writes about the pre-Columbian America, and is an author of historical fiction et al., soI am eager to read her books, as the articles on her website are encouraging and the Goodreads website contains many good reviews.
enjoy your summer...

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