Thursday, January 23, 2020

Claes Ralamb Costume book - horses and tack

Salvete Omnes,
one of the Swedish Kingdom ambassadors to the High Porte in Constantinople ( Istanbul) Claes Ralamb ordered a so called Ottoman costume book painted for his collection while at this post, and he took it with him back to his homeland (along with the famous sultan procession paintings ) - mentioned already on my blog long time ago.
the digital copy of the entire book here.

from that collection we can 'corral' the paintings showing the horse  of the Ottoman empire -




an Ottoman sipahi

 also of interest are these wild cats (leopard etc) pelt-skin clad warriors of the Ottoman sultans etc - some of them are the jannisary, and some are deli warriors.

and finally  a Safavid Persian with a kalkan shield at his belt? covered by his coat - an interesting way to carry the kalkan


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jenj said...

Interesting that all the horses appear to be gaited. Thanks for sharing!