Saturday, January 18, 2020

Interesting exhibit in Chichesteer

Salvete Omnes,
a short entry - a very interesting exhibit to open in the Novium Musem, Chichester, UK on January 25, 2020.
12 years ago they discovered the remains of a man called the North Bersted Man, thought to have been a warrior and a horseman, with some very unusual or even astonishing and spectacular helmet adornments etc. The archaeologists think that he was a refugee from the continental Gaul where Julius Caesar and his legions were perpetrating conquest and genocide on the Celtic inhabitants of the present France and Belgium.
there is this article devoted to the visualization that includes some interesting, puzzling  and primary sources information.

the poster for the exhibit showing the North Bersted Man on horseback - I wonder why he is left-handed?
copyright (c) the Novum Museum

 We can see from the article and visualization contain some interesting elements , but what I find puzzling is the lack of the horned saddle; also the lack of the cinch and rather strange strap that goes down from the horse shoulder phalerae under the horse chest. The very tiny in circumference reins are also puzzling.
Finally, the raider's seat, with the legs being so high, as if using the so called chair seat and that particular faulty 'seat' seems to me to be contrary to the fabulous, and well-sourced, equestrian skills of the continental Celts of Gallia(Gaul) and northern Iberian peninsula during the classical Antiquity.

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