Monday, December 16, 2019

The Lubomski's Lancer of the Guard - review

Salvete Omnes,
short entry - my good new horse of a computer suffered a serious bout of colic of the 'electrical short variety,' ergo I cannot do much with the blog at the moment.

ad rem,  last Spring the Winged Hussar Publishing LLC released Polish Guard Lancers: Uniforms and Equipment 1807 - 1815 by George Lubomski.
I came accross this review on  A Question of Scale wargaming blog and read some more on the TMP boards regarding the book.
Links -
 the review on A Question of Scale.
TMP Napoleonic Media boards forum
I hope those in doubt regarding the portemanteau will peruse pan Lubomski's book to find their answer.  
the UK Amazon reviewers are very generous with their praise for the book, while the US Amazon reviewers' complaints about paper b seem to take over the substantive aspect of the book.(but do not  mention  the rather low price for this type of work).


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