Saturday, December 21, 2019

Chilicotin Horse - a branch of the Canadian horse and with some Siberian Yakut horse?

Salvete Omnes,
short entry to keep it going - one may say -
so please find linked this interesting article on the Chilicotin Horse from British Columbia's Chilicotin tribal people (Athabaskan speaking Indian tribe from Canada and linguistically distant cousins to the Navajo and the Apaches). The article, talking about this 2014 genetic study led by dr E. Gus Cochran, was published in 2015.
Earlier, in 2002, the wild horses of the  Brittany Triangle were assessed in this study.
In 2014 there was published this  comprehensive article on the wild horses in Canada, including the Chilicotin horses.
 Here you can read some about the Chilicotin tribe and their present issues, plus a photo of the wild Chilicothin horse. Also here another splendid photo.
 Yakut horse

 Canada Horse

Some of the historic photos of the Chilicotin men with their old horses.

Images from Wiki Commons

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