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Kurgan Solokha - Russian book & articles

Salvete Omnes,
a short entry on this last day before the last day of 2019.- :)

Academia has the entire Russian book dedicated to one of the most famous Pontic Scythian kurgans - The Solokha kurgan, the story of the collection by the Russian prolific researcher, academic Anastasia Petrovna Mantsevich ( А. П. Манцевич)- available for perusing or downloading for the future study.
Here you can seen a photo of the famous vessel with the hunting scenes from Solokha.
 Nikolai Ivanovich Veselovsky (Николай Иванович Веселовский) excavated the Solokha kurgan and the present site is located on the Dniepr River (ukr. Дніпро,   ros. Днепр, pol. Dniepr  ) not far the town of Nikopol in Ukraine.

Also, you may find of interest three separate articles by Mrs Anastasia P. Mantsevich on or about the objects from the Solokha kurgan-
-The Golden Comb from Solokha Kurgan - Золотой гребень из кургана Солоха (1949)  - from the kronk site.
the large photo of the comb comes from the article

 the second article on the Solokha comb(1962) - from the kronk site.

 another article on the comb and the phiale (patera) -  the kronk site. - it contains another photo of the hunting scenes vessel

- The Parade or Ceremonial Sword from the Solokha Kurgan (in Russian from the annales site, or with large scans of images from the kronk site , but can be translated by any internet translators)

Article by M.I. Artamonov about Solokha - the kronk site.


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