Saturday, June 24, 2017

some articles from - from Majkop to Caracalla

today just quick one - several links to some great articles available libre to us all:

Majkop in larger Eurasian and African context, circa 3500 BC
The Bronze Age, indigenous, Majkop/Maykop culture [video presentation by prof. Hansen, anther video by dr Yuri Y. Rassamakin ] of the Northern Caucasus - Belinskij, Hansen Reinhold team wrote  this article  that gives us a succinct description of the most significant finds from the Great Kurgan of Nalcik (11meters high and 100 meters long), including the bronze and silver daggers. (interesting DNA studies of the ancient Proto- and Indoeuropean cultures). Good book on the ancient Eurasia in Proto-Indoeuropean (PRI) context is this one. Older research from the Soviet Union grouping the Majkop with the Koban, Urartu, Saka/Scythians (including the Syberian horizons), Sarmatian cultures etc- via MET. Excavated objects from the II millennium BC.

In French -  profusely illustrated article on the Armenian kingdom of Tigran/Tigranes the Great authored by prof. Giusto Traina.
For Polish readers -  wydawnictwo  Infort Editions właśnie wydało  - Kampanie Lucjusza Licyniusza Lukullusa na Wschodzie 74-66 p.n.e - author Łukasz Bazentkiewicz - via Wanax.

Prof. Ilkka Syvanne announced his forthcoming book on Caracalla(Marcus Aurelius Antoninus ), one of the emperors of the Severan Dynasty.
 The book is going to be profusely illustrated with diagrams and concept illustrations based on research.
Example -
with explanation - shows the depth of research and analysis of all material and various fields of study.
Entire book to take  thanks to the Ukrainian scholar dr Oleksander Symonenko - it is a large volume on the North Pontic Samaritan warriors and their military [in Russian and profusely illustrated - check out those iron cuirasses and helmets, also plenty about horse tack and saddles].


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