Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just sketching

Salvete omnes,
  it happens that I am currently shopping around for a new tablet while building a new desktop machine (thanks master IT Marek Okninski from NYC for his guidance in setting up the hardware).

a couple days ago I visited a French artist David Revoy's website where there is a plethora or wealth of information, guidance if you are into Linux open source systems and programs, and obviously his own great artwork (including Pepper & Carrot ).

while my Wacom Intuos4 died on me not too long ago, and my old workhorse Intuos3 still works I will share with you a couple of sketches in progress, done in MyPaint and Krita 3.1.4 (great brushes by David Revoy).

First one is based on a deli Ottoman horseman print from the XVI century, and it is a continuation of my older sketches on the subject
Second is a reitar or pistoler horseman from the turn of XVI century, based in part of on a photo of a Polish reenactor and cavalry history researcher pan Jarek Dominski'


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