Monday, June 12, 2017

Books on etc - Blackburn's Art of Illustration

Salvete omnes,
the world Internet library aka Archive org is a treasury for all humankind.
I peruse it very often, if not daily, since there  is no end to reading or audio material there (also video, but I do not use it much, perhaps except for the vintage cartoons ). Also, the old books often represent the best of the written language, in addition they were carefully edited and designed.
From time to time I would like to link some book or other from the Archive.

Today, I would like to point your attention to a book from the XIX century.

Namely, 'The Art of Illustration' by  Henry Blackburn, a very prolific author. It was published in 1896 in UK during the Golden Age of Illustration.
This beautiful book is really a manual of illustration techniques used at the end of the XIX century, and also contains fine illustrations that serve as explained examples of different techniques and approaches - as author writes: [..] 'to show the possibilities of process in educated capable hands.'
 True, it is a historical rather than a how-to-manual for our modern purposes and uses, but still a delightful visual guide to to olden days.


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