Friday, March 4, 2016

Great Northern War Compendium arrived

a bit of self-promotion - shamelessly I have to admit.
last month I received my copies of the Great Northern War Compendium in two volumes. It was a pleasure to open the package and start reading and enjoying the beautifully published work.

I wrote an article there - on the Polish Pancerni- illustrated exclusively with the period art and some photos of the historic equipment from the Polish Army Museum - thanks to Radek Sikora, Ph.D., for allowing me to use his photo.

and also illustrated number of Polish-Lithuanian military figures etc,eg some samples

including one larger piece that illustrated Michal 'Kadrinazi' Paradowski's, very fine historian and great blogger,  article on the Polish-Lithuanian Army of the war period.

It was Michal's recommendation that got me to work with Steven and the GNWC crew - thanks Michal!

My Net friend and great researcher and illustrator  Sergey Shamenkov, Polish-Ukrainian and proud of it, wrote and illustrated article on the Ukrainian Cossacks of this war

So, it you are interested in the period and would like to read and perused the books, do so at your own risk - just joking.
Great collection of articles and historians, books so profusely illustrated that could be a source of many future works of art, including figurines and paintings etc, for years to come, or so I hope.

Thanks Stephen L. Kling for this opportunity to work with you all.

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Dario T. W. said...

there are many things that have been happening around, so I hope that this month I will be able to bring them here, 'corralled' in my vaquero style - ;)