Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chaucer Awards and knightly tournaments

it is starting to look that I will have to buy a new computer, most likely a desktop with some fine mate monitor - my old equipment is not good anymore (being a converted to Linux IMac ) ... and I want to explore the amazing possibilities of the Linux system, especially  with the upgraded digital drawing and painting programs like Krita, MyPaint and GIMP.
   Ad rem, I do read a lot of historical fiction - especially taking place in the ancient and medieval periods, but will not skip a good American Civil War novel, a tale of the Wild West or other XIX century stories.
 So I just have learned  that the Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction have been announced and one of my favorite bloggers on the subject of Crusades history and a fine historical fiction writer dr Helena Schrader won one for her 2nd novel on Balian of Ibelin titled 'Defender of Jerusalem' -  interviews with the writer here or here. Congrats!
Also, I am very surprised to have found out that another finalist is James Conroyd Martin with his novel The Warsaw Conspiracy, a 3rd  one from his series. Our XIX century Polish history written in English and in a finely crafted storyline! Hurray!

I have not read this one - Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword by Christian Kache. I am interested and will have to get this one. As you know I am a great fan of the ancient Greek history novels by Christian Cameron, so naturally I am really curious about this new writer.

The other novels , I am sure are great et al., I am not very interested in them at the moment, perhpas but for the Medieval Scottish history one.
Reenactment season is approaching fast, horses will be shedding their winter coats soon in Central and Eastern Europe, while the Royal Armouries in Leeds, UK will hold their 20th Easter Tournament from Good Friday 'till Easter Monday or the last weekend of March, and our Polish knights Jan Gradon and Jarek StruczyƄski  will be fighting there too - Gods speed.

Finally - if you have not found this podcast yet - there is a great podcast of the history of the Crusades - title aptly Real Crusades History, and it features a very lively discussion and presentation of the Crusder history, without mythology and 'balck' legend.  It can be found here or on youtube.
I like it very much ..

...and finally today in Poland was a Women's Day and it is quite a tradition to present your women friends with a flower or two, hence this little flower with my horsey:
 for all you women out there :)



Unknown said...

Hi dear Dariusz;-) Thanks for greetings for women;-) You mentioned some books- have you read "King's Assassin" etc by Robin Hobb? Quite interesting books.
and hahaha I admire your over sweet pictures of a horse with a flower, but why so often your horses have so long (swan's) necks? ;-))

Dario T. W. said...

Hello again,
thanks for your comment!
nope, I have not read anything by Robin Hobb yet.
As per long necks on my horses - well, I like them this way :) - our Polish horses were supposed to have had long neck (according to the XVI-XVIII century sources). And I do like Akhal-Tekes and Arabians with long neck too. Akhal-Tekes often have long necks, with a ewe-neck conformation fault at times...