Monday, March 7, 2016

Imci Pan Marek Szyszko - artist extraordinary

recently I had the privilege of corresponding with imci pan Marek Szyszko, one of the foremost historical illustrators in Poland and indeed, of the rest of the world. His ability to recreate historical figures, real and fictional, ranging from ancient men and women, warriors, soldiers, and priests to everyday folks is quite extraordinary - be it in line drawings, comics style or purely painterly way.
So I would like to introduce pan Marek and his art on my blog!

I should add I grew up with pan Marek's art - from his comics (eg Tajemnica Kipu  - Mystery of Quipu) to

illustrations found in the children's books like 'Historia Polski dla Piotrka' ('History of Poland for Pete') and his famous illustrations for Sienkiewicz's Trylogia, The Teutonic Knights, and Quo Vadis volume, or many bookcovers for the Bellona battles and campaigns series, and many others.

Recently pan Marek painted fabulous plates for  Wojska zakonu niemieckiego w Prusach 1230-1525 , well researched and finely written academic work published by the University of Torun 'Wydawnictwo Naukowe'- you could look at the larger samples here, here and here.

Pan Marek kindly allowed me to show here some of his horse-oriented works, and I am truly very happy to share them with you. As you can see the horses painted vary, different types and breeds are shown, in the true tradition of old Polish painters, like Wojciech Kossak, Jozef Brandt, Michal Bylina et many others.

ps the first image is from a new book published by Bellona publishing house from Poland, on the Bar Confederation 1768-72 - on February 29 we just passed another anniversary of this historic event .

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