Thursday, March 31, 2016

Telegram Patriotyczny - 1919

when we Poles went about winning our independence during the 1918-21 period, there was lot of patriotic art created anew, so to speak, as for the first time since 1831 (or 1795) there was going to be an independent  Polish state, and technology allowed for printing of multiple and often high quality images readily available to all, to be used for many occasions.
Surfing Polish digital libraries I found these patriotic telegrams (singular - Telegram patriotyczny) from 1919, where colorful preprinted imagery and enclosed sentences called for unity, action and pride or health - you can see the telegrams at the University of Warsaw Library - while there is room for the sender's personal handwritten text - like wishes sent to the newly wed and so on.
I selected two telegrams - with images of winged hussars, sure my favorite figures in our Polish more a millennium long history (at least since 966 AD )

also there are several interesting photos showing then modern Polish noblemen (of the XIX century), dressed up in historic armor, weaponry, and recreated costumes for the 'reenactment of Sienkiewicz's 'With Fire and Sword' 'Tableau vivant' in 1884 - photos taken by Walery Rzewuski.
Again, the winged hussars predominate in my selection;


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