Friday, February 26, 2016

Some great horse art and Polish history

I was looking at some art on the Net, and came across this equine artist - Jaime Corum - who is a wonderful painter of horses and a conjurer of power images, often based in history of equine painting or culture.
 Image from Jaime Corum's Facebook page (*painter's copyright), apparently influenced by the famous Stubbs' painting of Whistlejacket

Arabian horses being on my mind,  you can watch a short video on youtube of a stallion Shaikh Al Badi, one of the ancestors of the famous Polish-bred Arabian mare  Wieza Mocy (Tower of Might) - bred at the Polish government owned Michalow Stud Farm. , located in the Holy Cross Mountains,

where, as in many other regions of post-war Poland,  Polish resistance warriors - Zolnierze Niezlomni et Wykleci - fought for the honor, spirit and heart of the Polish Nation for many years after the Soviet occupation of Poland - in the Vilnius region (today still very Polish but in Lithuanian hands thanks to Stalin) the last Polish partisan was Franciszek Polakiewicz  „Ben Hur" killed in 1955.  

on March 1 is the  national state holiday  devoted to their bravery, virtue, love of Patria and ultimate sacrifice - Hail their memory!

My granddad was a soldier of the Home Army and was also a 'Zolnierz Wyklety.'

very interesting psalter from the British Library digital collection - Harley Psalter, 1st half of the 11th century (mostly).
images from Wikimedia Commons

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