Thursday, June 11, 2015


 today I am  announcing a newbook,  new to me at least,  on the subject of  Polish XV century mercenary cavalry written by a scholar from the University of Łódź, Tadeusz Grabarczyk Ph.D., titled 'Jazda zaciężna Królestwa Polskiego w XV wieku,  [Mercenary horse of the Polish Kingdom], published in Łódź, this winter 2015. Dr Grabarczyk is the author of 'Piechota zaciężna Królestwa Polskiego w XV wieku (The Mercenary Infantry of Polish Kingdom),  published in Łódź AD 2000.

I have not read the book but just the preview available on , and I find it awfully interesting,  important and a must for me.
It covers the period 1409-1500, and it is a study of organization, arms and armor, finishing with some examples of battle performance etc.
I will have to order my copy, but I learned from this discussion that this was a very small publication.
There is this review in Polish - SMDBiB
Many thanks to my friend, author and  researcher Michał Chlipała for letting me know about this publication. a review of his book on the Armenian armies during the Crusades period is here.

Images from the Holy Cross Chapel at the Wawel Castle Cathedral  - 1460s-1470s - from the Cracow school of painters

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