Thursday, June 4, 2015

Husaria of Miroslaw Szeib

June has started nicely - warm and sunny, finally :)

Well, It is my pleasure to introduce to some of you, my fellow net travelers, this great artist from Poland.
Miroslaw Szeib, an artist from Polish Pomerania, lives and works in Świnoujście, seaside town located on the Uznam island that shared between Poland and Germany.
Miroslaw is a versatile painter working in oil, his subjects have wide spectrum, ranging from the marine landscapes to portraiture - here you can find his on-line gallery.

Miroslaw has been painting historical subjects too, and my favourites are his oil-works devoted to the pre-1794 history of Poland.  Coincidentally he is also a horse painter, quite great at showing the action and rider-horse relationship. In this age when painters increasingly do not know and understand the horse anatomy and movement this painter shows a remarkable knowledge and talent.

      Here are some of Mr Szeib's historical paintings, most have been presented at the Husaria przed Palac Facebook page

Great works, dynamic and full of action, the artist is an heir to our great painters like Jozef Brandt, Julisz and Wojciech Kossak, Rozwadowski, and Rosen and the some other Polish genre painters.

I like this oil - showing our Crown hetman Zolkiewski bringing the defeated Muscovite tsar Shuisky and his family to be presented to Sigismund III Vasa and  the Diet.
 Epizode from a battle of Hodow, 1684

 Khotyn 1673

 Crown hetman Zolkiewski's forces are living Smolensk in 1610, it will end with the victory at Klushino and taking of Moscow and finally deposing tsar Dimitr Shuisky...

 Husaria on their way to Vienna 1683

Jan Sobieski and his winged hussars at Vienna 1683
 Winged hussar on reconaissance


all images are Miroslaw Szeib's Copyright

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