Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Steppe rider - daily sketch

 just wanted to share with you a sketch of the Eurasian Steppe rider - perhaps a Polovetz (Cuman), prior to the Mongol blitzkrieg of XIII century - astride a tall blood horse purchased, given or stolen from the southern lands (south of Cumania), perhaps Persia (Khwarezmid Empire) or from the Karakhanids or the Seljuks.
I hope to write and sketch some more Polovetz riders, both men and female -
for examples see dr Nicolle book on the Kalka River battle and the watercolours by Victor Korolkov in there. 

I did it entirely in MyPaint :)

my Wacom Intuos4 tablet is malfunctioning and perhaps it will declare itself 'finito' any moment soon, so be forewarned I will put here some pen and ink drawings :) etc. Since Intuos5 is nothing to brag about, I may purchase the new Wacom Cintiq tablet that is coming out this April, we shall see...

 Easter is coming fast, this being La Semana Santa; hence we arrived at the moment when one needs to paint some eggs and .... do some travelling, astride a mechanical herd of horses.


Sam Wise said...

I don't comment a lot here, but I often visit it and always enjoy your beautiful drawings!

Dario T. W. said...

Sam, thanks a lot - hope to make your visits enjoyable.

By the way I enjoy the miniature figurine world a lot, used to go to the shows just to see the beautiful dioramas and plethora of single figurines. Russians always would bring some amazingly painted 54mm figurines, each figurine a painstakingly painted work of art. Also Andrea Miniatures and many other great companies. I should visit your blog more often