Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hussaria on History TV

my friend and winged hussars re-enactor Rik Fox Suligowski appeared in this episode of ''Museum Secrets'' by History Television Canada .

This episode is interesting to me also because Rik did the sound experiment regarding the feather wings, measuring the level of noise made by the wings, in order to find whether the feathered wings made specific noise that might have scared horses, as it was claimed by some foreign visitors in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during  XVII century.

Rik found, by the way of sound recording equipment,  that the feathered wings made no discernible noise, but  wings alone, when seen by the horses unaccustomed to them, might have caused some horses to get  nervous and  spooky, even unmanageable.

Yet again Rik's experiment showed the role of the long lance (''kopia") with a fluttering long pennon and  of the wild animal pelt flying off the winged hussar shoulders - and clearly we can see that these pieces of winged hussar equipment  made what was the most important  psychological weaponry in the Polish hussaria arsenal; weaponry successfully used  against the enemy infantry and cavalry,i.e., a rider and his horse, for some 150 years (starting with the battle of Lubieszow AD 1577 and ending during the Great Northern War)

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