Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daily sketch

 keeping up the new plan for more drawings, here is another set of sketches -

this one is based on sculpted metal figures originally adorning  the casket of Crown grand hetman Stanisław Żółkiewski who died fighting at Cecora in 1620 AD. The figurines are incomplete and are treasured at the Czartoryski Dukes Museum in Cracow, Poland.

Above here is my copy of the sculpted horse from the casket, showing a typical winged hussar horse tack - curb bit, bridle with a halzbant or small horse tug,  a tall, deep saddle, heavy stirrups, shabraque covering the horse, breastplate with a horse tug, and a firearm in a leather holster attached to the saddle.
Below a rather loose, but more finished (ink on paper, slight manipulation with GIMP) drawing based on it:

and one incomplete drawing

There are more figurines from this collection and I will revisit them in the future

Master sculptor David Lemon, on his blog and on youtube, sculpts horses and talks about it - I greatly recommend these videos to all who like art, American West, and horses :)

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