Thursday, March 28, 2013

Daily Sketch

 Semana Santa or Wielki Tydzień is upon us, and in the spirit of Christian love and sharing, allow me to share with you a sketch of a horse in MyPaint.

Interesting links here   - Cavalry bits by Ken Bray and Don Murphy and Curb chains with Dennis Moreland  -  remeber! usage of these bits is all about the rider's hands and touch, with tons of experience and the horse has to be trained to it, so from hackamore/cavesson or snaffle bit to curb bit. Yes, it is historic, it is time consuming and when properly used on a highly trained mount, your friend mind you, it can look and work amazingly - say old Vaqueros liked Ed Connell. But improper handling of the reins on a horse not trained for it  can spoil the horse's mouth, not to mention the potential injury to the animal.

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