Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daily sketch

 just a quick sketch - ballpen, white & black acrylic paint and resizing with GIMP - of a horse in a Western horsemanship, here from reining

I like to watch videos showing different stages of training and then play with the horse, this summer will be playing with a 3 years old Quarterhorse/Arabian  filly; anyway, here  one of the trainers - Larry Trocha  part 1, I bought 2 videos from him, and may travel to visit his place in California next year or so, God willing :)

!we got a new Pope - habemus papam!

-Jorge Mario Bergoglio a cardinal from Argentina - vivat los hispanos!

 A discovery,  in Tel Haror, then a town in Canaan  and  now in present Israel, of a  donkey, perhaps sacrificed and  then buried circa 1700BC, with a bit in its mouth and saddle bags ...;  article about war in Canaan during the early 18th  Dynasty

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