Friday, July 16, 2010

old watercolor, pen & ink Napoleonic Polish cavalry images

today I am still capitalizing on my old artwork, and I am presenting 3 old pen and ink, watercolor and watercolor pencil images that I have run through GIMP cartoon filter
This one is my, rather poor,  copy  of the Colonel Bronislaw Gembarzewski watercolor done almost a hundred years ago. It shows an officer of the Napoleon's Le 1er régiment de chevau-légers lanciers polonais or the Polish Guard regiment of cheavaux-legers.

The second is my color pencils and watercolors sketch of such officer  bearing a message :) at least that was my intent. I could not control the color  with these water soluble pencils.

Final one is a drawing of a Duchy of Warsaw Uhlan. I think I did draw this copying the some other pen and ink drawing by JOB or Begnini or some other military artist. I added the clolors to the rider and horse with watercolor and the background with GIMP Paint studio.
Last year  Poland's premier military Napoleonic publishers, Wyd. Karabela (this is a family owned little company, led by a woman, and I am proud to say I met them at the Kluszyn 2010 celebration in Warsaw two weeks ago),  gave us  splendid books on the uhlans, Vistula Legion  and Chevau-legers lanciers polonais, fantastically illustrated  with  these amazingly precise and artful plates (as seen in the links) by artist-historian Ryszard Morawski ( who is already in his 80s!)

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