Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snowy Polish New York City :)

Hello again,
we have had lots of snow lately, in  New York City, so this entry will not be about horses but New York 'thingies.'  I cannot remember, and I have been here since president George Bush sr.,  any other February this 'snowy' as this past month. I must say I am longing for snow-free weather for I am  going to start riding horses again this coming Spring, Hallelujah!
We live by the McGorlick Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that is still a very Polish New York City neighbourhood (cannot resist writing this word in a 'British fashion', it is so noble - :) ) with many Polish stores, restaurants and Polish peoples on every corner, lately mixing with lots of yuppies and real working, gallery-showing notorious artists like messer Bert .
Anyway, ad rem or returning to white snow, never mentioned before my friend and fellow 'bon vivant' Valdemar Kozik, besides being the absolute master in the ancient Polish arts of meat curing and smoking (he has a book on this subject under his belt) also takes some serious photos and I asked him to sent me his photos of our McGorlick Park sufficiently covered with snow to even look romantic, at least in my nearsighted eyes, for romance is a great part of my life, or has been or should be, quien sabe. Well, I am going to publish these photos here, hope to everyone's enjoyment.
Also, let me introduce our Irish Jack Russell aplty named Haps by my 'synek' (sonny) Jasio...a great artist in his own right and hopefully future ZOO director, I am going to leave my wife out of this for who knows where she will be in our future, the USAF Moon station perhaps - :)


by the way this structure in the above photo -  that is a monument to the fallen American  heroes of the World War I, and right behind it there is a monument to the famous submarine crew of the Civil War - the Monitor.
My sonny's dog Haps in his environment, Brooklyn ubiquitous rats beware :

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