Friday, February 19, 2021

Jean-Victor Adam - equestrian life in his art

 Salvate Omnes,


I would like to bring to your attention the art of Jean Victor Adam (1801-66AD) who was bron and active during the tumultuous years of French history - from Empire to kingdom, to republic to Empire in one lifetime - and all his time this was the time of horses (naturally, the steam age was coming fast - with trains and steamships and machines operating in full by  his middleage maturity).

Jean-Victor was a very skilled, versatile artist, and very knowledgeable as to the equine anatomy, types, races and works or adventures with horses, and also skilled in telling stories, anecdotes or historical events.

Anyway, you can peruse his gallery as corralled at Wiki Commons - and out of many of his prints  this one comes to my attention, aptly  titled 'The pleasures of horseback riding.'
oj, haven't you experienced some of them in your riding epic ? - :)

and these illustrations from various books are enjoyable - monsieur could have drawn comic books had he lived in the XX century

and the end of the road for the horse of Jean-Victor days - abattoir and local butcher shop, since famous French cuisine always  included and still includes horse meat.


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