Thursday, February 18, 2021

Budziszyn 1029 - sketches

 Salvete Omnes,
I would like to share with you some of my artwork regarding the creative process and development of the cover for the Budziszyn 1029 book from Inforteditions,
Below, I am attaching  three  sketches (as one ) that show some progress, from inception to solid development,  in my concept and learning about the period ,i.e., warriors, equipment and horses and their tack.

I consulted the last sketch(from left to right) with Igor Gorewicz from 'Druzyna grodu Tryglawa' in Szczecin, who is a well-known and avid reenactor of the early medieval Slavic warriors, researcher and author of numerous books, including two books on the Slavic warrior and Slavic arms and armor.-  from his publishing house Triglav. Obviously I consulted these fine books and well as several sites and web galleries devoted to the medieval Slavic reenactment.
While famous photographer from Szczecin Marek Kalisinski allowe me a closer look of many of his reenators' portraits and photos of reconstructed equipment  etc.

All the mistakes henceforth are still mine and mine only.



this is a wholly digital work - I  drew directly on Wacom Cintiq using Krita, Gimp and Mypaint via Ubuntu Linux operating system.


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