Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Assumption of Mary - Polish Armed Forces Day

Salvete Omnes,
I just watched Polish Armed Forces parade in Warsaw, commemorating the Polish Armed Forces Day which is also the feast day of Assumption of Mary or Feast of Assumption.
This year hundreds of reenactors, from the early Piast Poland to World War II, paraded along with the regular soldiers of Polish Armed Forces and elements of allied NATO troops in front of the Polish Republic President and various governmental officials in Warsaw, Respublica Poloniae.

This year, 2018, is the 100th anniversary of the Polish renewed independence.
Polish military Eagle holding so called Amazon shield

And 98th anniversary of the battle of Warsaw, one of the most important battles in the world history. It was great victory for the newly reestablished Polish state, where Polish peasants farmers responding to a call from the prime minister Wincenty Witos flocked to the Polish forces and swelling the army up to a million fighting men  defeated the Red Army barbarians.
The Polish Army was armed but lacked ammunition and in the early days of August 1920  Hungary  shipped ammunition from their factories but they were stopped from reaching Poland through Czechoslovakia, so Romania allowed these transports to pass through their territory, and they reached Polish soldiers in time to defeat the Communists. Poland also received help  from France but these arms and munition shipments were blockaded  ( the rest of Western Europe refused to help or even to let the transports with arms and munitions reach Poland).
general Tadeusz Rozwadowski, architect of the battle of Warsaw victory AD 1920

Vivat Polish soldiers and   vivat Saint Mary, Mother of God and Queen of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland.


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