Saturday, August 25, 2018

French infantry - my new illustration

Salvete Omnes,
last month I 'painted,' on my computer, a plate showing two French soldiers from late period known as the wars of Louis XIV. 
OD EISENBIRN DO HÖCHSTÄDT. Kampania w Górnej Austrii 1703 roku (1) (the first battle of Hochstadt etc) by Damian Plowy has been published by Infort Editions from Poland.
Infantry in general and early XVIII century Western European soldateska are not my favorite subjects.
It was a venture into the new world of uniformology, as part of doing research I did some questioning around and would like to thank  Tomasz Karpinski and Sergey Shamenkov (both gentlemen are reenactors and historians of the XVIII century soldiers, Sergey also is a very fine historical illustrator and sculptor) for their helpful comments.
All mistakes are mine - here you may find the cover of the new Infort Editions book.
I used Krita, MyPaint and GIMP, and my Wacom tablet.
 the next illustration I am going to paint for Infort Editions will be the King Philip War and the Algonquian woodland warriors etc - book will be published next month.

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