Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Defilada 2018 - winged hussars via Wataha Press lense

Salvete Omnes,
Radoslaw Sleszynski
continuing with the Polish Armed Forces parade in Warsaw 2018 I had asked Wataha Press from Poland, photoreporting group, and got their consent to share with you several of their staff photographer's pictures from the said parade - this being photographer Gosia Piotrowska.
ensign Wieslaw Wojciechowski
his beautiful mare
you can view more photos here
 For the first time in the history of XXI century reenactment the marching winged hussars were accompanied by reconstructed  mounted tympanist and trumpeters. Alex Jarmula was reenacting hetman's ensign (as shown in the famous Altomonte's painting showing battle of Vienna 1683)

During this parade Polish reenactors also portrayed horse archers - Polish Tatars -and pancerni medium cavalry of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth period.
During the parade the two types of infantry of the same period were  beautifully reenacted, I especially loved the Polish style infantry.
all images@Wataha Press
Marek Kalasinski's photos of Wieslaw Wojciechowski


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